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About The Author

My name is Luna Oiwa.


I was born in Tokyo and am currently based in NYC. I graduated Cornell University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering (May '20) and a M.Eng. in Engineering Management (Dec '20) but knew all along that I wanted to work in sustainability. After graduating, I worked as a building certifications consultant at CodeGreen Solutions and am now a Materials Analyst focused on life-cycle analyses at Brightworks Sustainability.


My first exposure to the concept of building material reuse was (indirectly) through Ithaca's Finger Lakes ReUse Center. While interviewing for an unrelated summer internship in Ithaca my interviewer mentioned that Finger Lakes ReUse had a deconstruction program. I decided to look into what in the world that meant. From there I stumbled upon an article about Anders Lendager and Brad Guy's work relating to design for deconstruction/disassembly (DfD), wrote up a prize-winning essay about this and other waste-conscious approaches to design and construction, posted my essay on LinkedIn, had my essay reposted by a non-profit called Build Reuse, and am now a Commitee Chair and on the Board of Directors for Build Reuse in addition to being in touch with a handful of other reuse-related networks. 

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